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Pro tips from SoBE’s social media guru

  Posted on: January 22, 2019

Julio Viskovich knows social media and the business sessional instructor has the credibility to back it up.

Follow some of his tips, and you could save time and effort on the way to landing your dream job.

“Get out there and show your skills behind a camera. Go out and work with a local company and get that on your resume,” Viskovich said during a series of interviews with School of Business and Economics brand ambassador Yasir Khan. Check out more their work on their Instagram page at @trusobe.

“Use your Instagram skills (in ways) that nobody probably over the age of 30 has here,” Viskovich said, who you also be found at @juliovisko.

  • Viskovich has worked with Microsoft and HootSuite.
  • He authored the book Sellarketing: A Tweetable Guide To Aligning Sales and Marketing.
  • Forbes Magazine sought his opinion for their article Twitter Overtakes LinkedIn As Number 1 Social Media Site For Salespeople.
  • He is vice-president of marketing at rFactr—a social media technology and consulting company.