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$90,000 awarded to undergraduate research apprentices

October 31, 2017

Thirty undergraduate students will be hired as research apprentices.

Researchers at TRU and their students were given a $90,000 boost this week, through the Undergraduate Research Apprentice program.

The program provides $3,000 grants that allow a faculty member to hire a student researcher to accelerate their research and to provide the student with meaningful mentorship and research training.

Thirty awards were distributed across all departments.

The program is inclusive, in that unlike other student research opportunities reserved for third and fourth-year undergraduates, Research Apprentices can be in their second year. This is the second year TRU has offered the program.

“This award provides an excellent opportunity for faculty to expand their own research, but it provides even greater value for students, who will learn skills that they’ll be able to transfer to their own, independent research projects, including our flagship Undergraduate Research Experience Award Program,” said Sukh Heer Matonovich, Manager of Graduate Studies and Student Research.

2017 Research Apprenticeships

Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism

Dr. Kellee Caton
Robin Reid

Faculty of Arts

Dr. Bruce Baugh
Dr. Tina Block
Dr. Jenni Karl
Dr. Catherine Ortner
Dr. Heather Price
Dr. Monica Sanchez-Flores

Faculty of Education and Social Work

Dr. Edward Howe
Dr. Jim Hu
Dr. Wendy Hulko
Dr. Daphne Jeyapal
Dr. Gloria Ramirez
Dr. Rebecca Sanford

Faculty of Law

Margaret Hall
Dr. Chris Hunt
Dr. Sara Marsden

Faculty of Science

Dr. John Church
Dr. Kingsley Donkor (two awards)
Dr. Dipesh Prema
Dr. Scott Mann
Dr. Yana Nec (two awards)
Dr. Musfiq Rahman
Dr. Mark Rakobowchuk
Dr. Xiaoping Shi

School of Business and Economics

Dr. Randall Kimmel, Economics
Dr. Derek Pyne, Economics

School of Nursing

Dr. Lisa Bourque Bearskin

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