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All set to contribute to TRU’s research community

April 21, 2017

The 2017-2018 Undergraduate Research Ambassadors.

Outgoing 2016-2017 Graduate Research Mentors.

For Kevin Clyde, applying to become an Undergraduate Research Ambassador just made sense.

The fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student had already completed an Undergraduate Research Experience Award Program (UREAP) project, and worked as an Undergraduate Research Apprentice. With one more year left in his degree, it made sense to share his experiences with other students, with the hope of encouraging more to engage in research.

“In the early years of my degree the idea of doing research didn’t really occur to me, but since I started, I really haven’t stopped,” he said. Clyde has already spent a year as an Ambassador, and is one of 15 students selected for the 2017-2018 school year. As part of the peer-to-peer mentorship program, Ambassadors guide students through the UREAP application process, and provide feedback on unsuccessful applications. They provide constructive critique for the poster presentations during the Undergraduate Research and Innovation Conference, and participate in a variety of other activities designed to support undergraduate research throughout the academic year.

The training Ambassadors receive is invaluable, said Clyde.

“It not only helps us with the dissemination of our own research, but we are taught how to give constructive feedback on posters that are outside of our realm of experience. It feels like we are really contributing to the research community at TRU.”

Outgoing Graduate Research Mentor Michelle Phillips said the opportunity to work with students across disciplines has enriched her graduate school experience at TRU.

Graduate Mentors meet bi-weekly to plan a variety of events, including the annual Three Minute Thesis and the Graduate Research Symposium.

“We had more people participate and attend both of these events than we’ve ever had before, and I think it’s because of how well we worked together,” said Phillips, who expects to complete her Masters of Science in Environmental Science this summer.

“We all had very different perspectives, but also so many commonalities. It was a great opportunity to practice these skills, and to work with other people with varying backgrounds, and to do so effectively.”

Both programs are now in their third year, and were originally established to help build a unique culture of graduate and undergraduate research at TRU, and the programs have been steadily strengthened through meaningful student consultation.

“We have a great foundation, and this incoming group of students will continue to build upon it, and build additional capacity for undergraduate research and graduate studies at TRU,” said Sukh Heer Matonovich, Manager of Graduate Studies and Student Research.

2017-2018 Undergraduate Research Ambassadors

  • Alexis Wilson
  • Anna Skurikhina
  • Brandon Turner
  • Breanne McAmmond
  • Kevin Clyde
  • Emily Dundas Oke
  • Gabe Carpendale
  • Lavraj Lidher
  • Megan McFadyn
  • Noor Shubear
  • Payton Comazzetto
  • Spencer Jaroszuk
  • Teagan Lauriente
  • Tyson Bodor
  • Valerie Law

2017-2018 Graduate Research Mentors

  • Dominique Hazel
  • Doug Terpsma
  • Jordann Foster
  • Jessica Baker
  • Samta Dhanjal
  • Tory Anchikoski
  • Hemali Gawde
  • Jose Rodriguez Jule
  • Olanike Imuh

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