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Open Talks: OERuopen courses can mean better courses

July 5, 2016

Open Talks, the podcast series that touches on OERu and other topics relevant to the distance learner. In our third instalment, Gail Morong of TRU Open Learning shares her experience and passion regarding her involvement in OERu (Open Education Resource universitas), a user-friendly, student-focused, open educational platform, developed and built by a consortium of institutions, including OL.

If you plan to use educational resources and courses to complete a university credential, you will want to listen to Morong. For a large part of her career, this senior instructional designer has been on the front lines of open educational resource development. In our latest podcast, she discusses an ambitious goal: to make it possible to complete a Bachelor of General Studies degree entirely through open courses.

Recognizing the value and importance of OERu, Morong continually supports TRU in providing flexible learning and by pushing the boundaries of the open educational movement.

Information for websites referenced in the podcast is at OERu and Open Learning.

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