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April 4, 2016

Open Educational Resources? Or an Open Educational Revolution? Brian Lamb shares on OER-U and its future for online learning.

We have a new podcast series! Open Talks touches on new trends in education, distance learning experts, and more topics relevant to the distance learner. For our first episode, Brian Lamb talks about OERu.

MOOC’s and OER’s are both terms that have become more and more common in the world of education, however not everyone knows what they are or what they could mean for learning. To shed some light on this trending movement, Brian Lamb, Director of Innovation at TRU Open Learning, takes us through a segment of OER-U as well as his role in helping it come to light.

OER-U is a user friendly and student focused, open educational platform, developed and built by a consortium of institutions including TRU Open Learning.

Let us first say that Brian is a veteran in the realm of open source education and has travelled the world speaking on various topics regarding this movement of flexible learning. Currently, he is involved in many different educational projects worldwide and locally at TRU, and also enjoys being a master word smith, evident through his blog “Abject”.

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Referenced websites in the podcast can be found at OERu and Open Learning.

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