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Alumni and Friends Welcome New Board Members

  Posted on: July 8, 2014

Students in the revamped Independent Centre. Among the features: a coffee bar, open-air and private study areas, high ceilings, two floors, closed circuit television screens and a large pull down screen for special events like the hockey game being shown here.

AGMThe TRU Alumni & Friends Annual General Meeting took place June 24, 2014 at the Commodore Grand Cafe and Lounge. With a fabulous turn out of over 50 alumni & friends the meeting summarized the years’ activities, financials and touched on plans for the future.

The board sadly said goodbye to retiring board members: Rob Williamson, Wendy Heshka, Dusan Magdolen, Marty Hastings, Ryan Scorgie and Melissa Baker.


“We retired a group of influential board members, both alumni and friends, whose work on the board has left us with a legacy of communication and business processes that continue to expand our mission. To ensure we continue this great work we have expanded our recruitment process to encourage and harnesses innovation, business and academic thinking through the strong personalities of our new board members,” said Arlene Olynyk, Alumni Officer. ” I think it’s going to be thrilling to work alongside these brilliant people as we continue the dynamic process of aligning our alumni activities and priorities with the 5 new strategic priorities of the university.”

Joining us on the TRU Alumni & Friends Board are:

Aaron Morgan – BA

Arnold Baptiste – BBA

Ryan Krisko – Friend

Paula Schmidt – Friend

Jessica Moon – BA, Law

Caitlin Johnson – BTM

Joshua Spruyt – BBA, Law

Jennifer Read – Friend

Peter Cameron-Inglis – Friend

Melissa Fournier – Williams Lake

Janice Yeung – Student Rep

Krystian Miszkurka – Student Rep

“Moving forward with a new group and new energy will be very exciting. With the path that the current and retiring board members have laid out, I think there are a lot of great things to come and I look forward to working with everyone,” said Kelley O’Grady, Alumni Relations Coordinator.

Check out our website for more info on our Board members and how to become a member of the TRU Alumni & Friends Board.



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