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Waste Collection Audit: Volunteers Wanted

  Posted on: March 14, 2014

The following is a call for volunteers to help with a waste audit being conducted by TRU’s department of Environmental Sustainability.

Plan to evaluate rate of contamination in current waste collection system

As part of a review of TRU’s waste management plan, the Office of Environment & Sustainability will be conducting random audits on various indoor waste, compost and recycling bins at different locations around campus over the next few weeks.

These audits will measure and compare the contamination rates between the various waste receptacles around campus (ie, what stuff is going into the wrong bin). The aim of the study is to identify what receptacle and what receptacle configuration/signage is (or is not) working well. The study will then determine what the most effective receptacle is. In approximate terms we’ll need to know how much contamination there is

  • by volume
  • by weight
  • by number of items

We’ll supply the following: tarps, gloves, goggles, replacement bags, label stickers to identify each bag’s location and date/time, clip boards, data gathering charts, and pens.

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Please let me know if you can help (minimum for an hour, and maximum of two hours) or if you’d like some more details about the project.


James Gordon
Environmental Programs and Research Coordinator
Office of Environment and Sustainability (Old Main room 2691)
Thompson Rivers University
Kamloops, BC V2C 0C8

Phone: 250-852-7153

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