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RUCBC speech

  Posted on: December 7, 2013


Earlier this semester, members of the Research Universities’ Council of British Columbia held a meeting at TRU, and during the meeting, there was a keynote address of “Why Research Universities Matter”.

In addition to being economic drivers, universities continue to be knowledge drivers.

A couple of excerpts

Education shapes the rest of your life — “Providing undergraduate and graduate students with a research focussed education actually enables them to develop the depth of knowledge and the critical capacity and indeed the tools that they’re going to need by working in teams on research projects that are going to help them their whole career over the course of their lifetime—that’s a huge important role that research-intensive universities play.”

Everyone a win-win for everyone — “Coming to university is still the single most important a young person can make in advancing their career opportunities and their ultimate economic success and frankly for the taxpayer base for the province as well.”

Hellow speech fans: Research-intensive universities play a vital role