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Vantage Airport Group realigns scholarships to better support students at TRU

  Posted on: May 23, 2013

Vantage Airport Group, which manages Kamloops Airport under a long-term lease through its subsidiary company Kamloops Airport Ltd., today announced a realignment of its scholarships to better support Thompson Rivers University students in the second year of the Bachelor of Tourism Management and the Bachelor of Business Administration programs.

It has done this by creating larger gifts for two students and offering a co-op opportunity with Kamloops Airport.

“TRU and Vantage Airport Group have grown together, with TRU’s international and destination students and their families utilizing the airport more and more each year as TRU’s international student base grows annually,” said Christopher Seguin, Vice-President Advancement at TRU.

Over three years, Vantage will have provided $18,000 in student assistance. As part of the ongoing partnership, Kamloops Airport will also provide advertising space to TRU in the terminal. The advertising panel is in a prominent location at the airport and increases the total support from Vantage Airport Group to $22,000.

Established in 2010 by Vantage Airport Group (then Vancouver Airport Services), the scholarships were originally three $1,000 awards for BBA students and three $1,000 awards for BTM students. However, the company decided to make more of an impact with a fewer number of recipients, so the awards have been re-established as two $3,000 awards.

The scholarships will be presented in the spring to top academic students who have completed their second year of study in the Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM) or the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. One award will go to a BTM student and the other will go to either a BBA or BTM student. The award is adjudicated by The Financial Aid and Awards Office, with the recipients selected based on their GPA. They must meet the university’s scholarship awards criteria, which require maintaining an 80 per cent course load and holding a minimum 3.50 GPA. Recipients will also be presented with a co-op opportunity at Kamloops Airport.

Vantage Airport Group is excited about enhancing this scholarship and inviting a student into our working airport environment,” said Kamloops Airport Managing Director Fred Legace. “We understand how important the university is to the community and how partnerships keep our region strong.”

Dušan Magdolen, left, a Development Officer for TRU, receives a cheque from Fred Legace, Managing Director for Kamloops Airport. The cheque represents the airport’s $4,000 donation of ad space to TRU.


Vantage, through its subsidiary Kamloops Airport Ltd., has been responsible for the management and operation of Kamloops Airport since 1997. Over the last 16 years, the airport has increased passenger traffic by 100 per cent and significantly grown the number of routes that make the community more connected to the world.

Passionate about people, performance and place, Vantage Airport Group is an industry-leading investor, developer and manager of airports around the world. With a current portfolio of 11 airports, Vantage understands the value of building and sustaining long-term relationships by working in partnership with local stakeholders to identify the challenges and opportunities in each market. The implementation of best airport practices that consider local customs and culture results in airports that are financially stronger, more sustainable and better economic generators for the communities and businesses they serve.

Rebecca Catley
Senior Director of Communications & Marketing
Vantage Airport Group
P) 604-269-3838


Christopher Seguin
Vice President Advancement
Thompson Rivers University
P) 259-574-0474