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TRU On Board Premier’s Education Mission to China and India

November 8, 2011

Thompson Rivers University delegates are in China this week to increase opportunities for students there and in Kamloops.

Building on its strong reputation in China, TRU delegates Dr. Wes Koczka, Associate Vice President International and Baihua Chadwick, Director International, will meet representatives from the Chengdu Polytechnic (CDP) in Guangzhou to develop an agreement in architecture and engineering technology diploma program. After a fourth (optional) year at TRU, students will graduate with a bachelor of technology management degree. Upwards of 35 students could take part in the transfer annually by 2012.

An additional signing will formalize an agreement to facilitate post secondary opportunities for high school students at the major English speaking Sino-Canada High School in Shanghai.

“This trip will be making many new connections and strengthening established relationships as we work with our Provincial Government and our colleagues from other BC universities,” said Koczka. “We will do what we have been doing successfully for many years, building strong international education partnerships in China.”

The trip to China, in part to support Premier Christy Clark’s delegation to China and India to promote internal education in British Columbia, will also give TRU an opportunity to further intensify connections with students, faculty and alumni from its partner institutions; the Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT) and Tianjin University of Technology (TUT).

Also part of TRU’s delegation is Christopher Seguin, VP Advancement. In charge of the university’s major fund raising initiatives and alumni relations, he has several alumni receptions scheduled in the five-day- three-city tour. “For the first time I will be meeting with a prospective donor in China regarding campus capital projects,” said Seguin. “We will be participating in events hosted by Premier Christy Clark and other universities, and meeting with our students and alumni in China.”

Another group from TRU, including Alan Shaver, President and Vice-Chancellor, will join the Premier on the India leg of the mission during the week of November 14.

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