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Accolades for Accolades

  Posted on: May 26, 2004

KAMLOOPS-Accolades, UCC’s Culinary Arts dining room, is one of 123 restaurants across Canada to have been awarded a “star of excellence” in the new 2004 edition of the national restaurant guide, Where to Eat in Canada.

A 400-page guide that sells about 200,000 copies each year, Where to Eat in Canada is a compendium of the best restaurants in every Canadian city and town. The guide tells readers what each is like, what it does best, what it costs, and when it’s open, with maps to guide travellers to each location.

Unlike other restaurant guides, Where to Eat in Canada accepts no payment for listings. The publisher, Oberon Press, states that “Nobody can buy his way into this book and nobody can buy his way out. If you’re in the guide, that’s because you deserve to be there. Readers know we tell the truth and that’s why they buy the book.”

UCC Culinary Arts chair Kim Johnstone is extremely pleased about the listing. “It’s unusual that a student-run dining room is recognized nationally. I attribute our success in a great part to the standards set by UCC Dining Room founder Don Campbell. He had very high standards and we’ve managed to maintain them.”

UCC School of Tourism Dean David Twynam echoed Johnstone’s remarks. “Having had many dining experiences at Accolades with many provincial, national and international guests, it is not surprising to me that Accolades should receive this level of recognition,” he said.

For more information, please contact Kim Johnstone at 828-5356 or Oberon Press at (613) 238-3275 or email: or visit the web site at: