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UCC Summer Session Heats Up

  Posted on: May 13, 2004

KAMLOOPS-Summer session enrolments are up at UCC this year, and so are course offerings. In fact, some programs, like Nursing, Computer Systems Operations & Management, and Social Work, are now offering courses on a tri-semester basis.

“This is definitely the beginning of a trend toward using our facilities more fully in summer,” said Summer Session Coordinator Heather Friesen, noting that other faculties, such as Arts and Science, also have a fuller selection of courses offered this summer. People take summer courses for a variety of reasons, said Friesen.

“Spring and summer course offerings appeal to students at all levels of study, whether they want to catch up or get ahead on their studies, or just want to learn something new and interesting. As well, some of the interest we’ve seen this summer is probably due to students cashing in on the fact that tuition fees will remain at current levels until September.”

UCC’s 2004 Summer Session is offered in three sessions for student convenience: May 3rd to June 18th (now in session), June 21st to August 6th, and for longer programs, May 3rd to August 6th (now in session). “There are still lots of spaces in our second session,” said Friesen, “but people shouldn’t wait too long to register: courses tend to fill up.”

Students requiring upgrading can take advantage of College Prep classes offered at UCC this summer, including a full range of Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Physics, plus two other levels of English and three other levels of Math. Getting ready to meet the requirements for fall programs during the summer is a great way to increase September options.

For those who’d like to get ahead on academic study, UCC will offer first-year English, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Japanese, Physical Education, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Economics, Fine Arts, Mathematics and Astronomy courses, as well as second-year History, Business, Chemistry, English, and Sociology. Upper-level offerings include Anthropology, Business, English, History, Sociology, Psychology and Political Science.

“Another perk of summer session is that since classes are offered in an intensive format, they can be completed over a six-week term, so people still have plenty of time for vacations or work. Summer courses also tend to be smaller, allowing for greater interaction between students and instructors, which is appealing, especially for people just getting back into student life,” added Friesen. People interested in checking out spring and summer course offerings may contact Heather Friesen at 828-5134 or see

For more information, please contact Heather Friesen at 828-5134