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High-Tech Jobs Go Unfilled

  Posted on: March 5, 2004

KAMLOOPS-High-tech jobs around the world are going unfilled, says UCC Electronics Chair Henry Reiser, who has graduates working in places like Brazil, Russia, Ireland, and Australia.

“One student worked in the US for three years at about $100,000US a year, and the only credential he had besides his Grade 12 was our two-year diploma,” he said.

Ironically, while high-tech employers scramble for employees, potential students aren’t displaying the same interest.

“The problem is that high-tech jobs have complicated titles, and it’s hard for people to connect those jobs with a particular program of study,” explained Reiser. “There are people out there in dead-end jobs who like to tinker with computers and other electronics, and would be perfect for a career in high technology, and they don’t realize that they could change their life by going back to school for just two years.”

To clear some of the fog and get people thinking about high-tech education, UCC’s School of Advanced Technologies will hold a couple of Electronics Career Information Nights, so people can find out about available careers and the educational programs that link to them.

From 7:00 to 9:00 pm on Thursday, March 11th or Tuesday, March 16th, in Room 203 of the UCC Science Building, prospective students can find out about opportunities in electronics, and talk to instructors, graduates and employers.

“As an additional bonus, high school students can earn CAPP credits for attending our presentation,” explained Reiser.

For more information, or to reserve a spot at either session, please contact Henry Reiser at 828-5137 or Sandra Smith at 371-5853.