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Arts awards highlight student achievements

  Posted on: March 13, 2017

Bogdana Prymak, study abroad recipient and Teshu Agarwal, student ambassador

Bogdana Prymak, study abroad recipient and Teshu Agarwal, student ambassador

Faculty, administrators and proud family members recently gathered to celebrate 33 arts students.

All departments were represented as students from a variety of disciplines were awarded for excellence in research, engagement, as ambassadors and for studying abroad.

A total of $21,700 was given out in monetary awards.

Award categories

The Arts Engagement Ambassador Award is given to a graduating student, nominated by the Faculty of Arts, for their extraordinary contribution, commitment of time and energy in their capacity as recruitment ambassador.

The Co-op Education Award is given to a student who has completed a co-op work term, chosen by the Career Education department.

The Meritorious Ambassador Award is given to students who have clearly demonstrated a commitment to TRU by their extensive involvement with their department, division, and at the university levels; all students in this category have a minimum 3.5 GPA as well as a strong record of co-curricular activities.

The Arts Research and Scholarship Award is given to students who’ve established a proven record of high achievement in the area of research and/or creative work and activity over the course of their studies.

The Student Ambassador Award is given to students who participate in recruitment, marketing, and engagement activities at both the divisional and departmental levels; including assisting with open houses, recruitment fairs, marketing profiles and as engagement ambassadors.

The Arts Study Abroad Award is given to students who have lived and studied in a different country for one or two semesters.

Group photo of all the award recipients who were able to make it to the event.


Below the award winners who attended the ceremony are pictured, with a full list of winners at bottom.
Click on any of the photos to start a gallery show.

Award winners

Engagement Ambassador: Jillian Hearn, graduating with her BA in June
Co-op Education Award: Dale Drozda, BA

Meritorious Ambassador Awards:

  • Elizabeth Funk, English & Modern Languages
  • Martin McFarlane, Journalism, Communication & New Media
  • Emily Dundas Oke, Philosophy, History & Politics
  • Alex Wilson, Psychology
  • Peter Navratil, Visual & Performing Arts

Research and Scholarship Awards:

  • Rebekah Seagle, English & Modern Languages
  • Jackson Baron, Geography & Environmental Studies
  • Madison Morgan, Journalism, Communication & New Media
  • Noor Shubear, Psychology
  • Shannon Cooper, Visual & Performing Arts

Student Ambassador Awards:

  • Emiko Ohama, English & Modern Languages
  • Brandon Turner, Geography & Environmental Studies
  • Teshu Agarwal, Journalism, Communication & New Media
  • Elena Plotnikoff, Philosophy, History & Politics
  • Pia Pennekamp, Psychology
  • Samantha Baker, Sociology & Anthropology
  • Melanie Banman, Sociology & Anthropology
  • Brittney Martens, Visual & Performing Arts

Study Abroad Awards:

  • Harry Chadwick, BA
  • Sheldon Eyzenga, Journalism
  • Alison Hodgins, Journalism
  • Aliya Hussein, Journalism
  • Kole Lawrence, BA
  • Bogdana Prymak, BA
  • Ellora Sundhu, BA
  • Paige Thomas, BA
  • Kyana Lawrence, BA
  • Ian Bolton, Communications
  • Megan Cairns, BA
  • Moira Laidlaw, BA
  • Robert Wisla, Journalism


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