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New book explores relationship between legislation and court interpretations

  Posted on: December 19, 2018

Thompson Rivers University Law associate professors Chris Hunt and Micah Rankin have published a collection of essays examining the complexities of statutory legislation and how it is interpreted in the courts.

The two authors were joined by Lorne Neudorf from the University of Adelaide in creating Legislating Statutory Interpretation: Perspectives from the Common Law World. The book is comprised of 17 scholarly essays. 

Retired Supreme Court of Canada Justice Thomas A. Cromwell provided the foreword for the book, which has just been released by Thomson Reuters.

“The contributors tackle these deep questions with industry and insight. Individually and collectively, they assess experience in the common law world with attempts to legislate statutory interpretation. More importantly, they open up a dialogue on neglected questions going to the root of constitutional democracy. Their work deserves attention and will repay careful study. Legislators, draftspeople, lawyers and judges will benefit from the insights and critiques collected in this important volume.”