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Federal election fall 2019

  Posted on: September 9, 2019

Looking for someone to discuss the federal election? Here are some of TRU’s experts:

Dr. Robert Hanlon, associate professor of political studies, is available to talk about issues around the political parties and Canadian foreign policy.
Contact: 250-371-5527 |

Dr. Terry Kading, associate professor of political studies, specializes in Canadian Politics and Politics of Developing Nations (more specifically Latin America), while his research interests include small cities and social planning.
Contact: 250-371-5523 |

Jeffrey B. Meyers, lecturer in the Faculty of Law, is interested in discussing rising right-wing nationalism across the world, US-Canada legal and political comparisons, US-Canada relations, the crisis of neoliberal democracies generally, “uniting the left” (the problem of the NDP and the Greens dividing), etc. Also, anything to do with human and civil rights, particularly racial discrimination or charter violations, e.g. Bill 21 in Quebec. In the past, Meyers has also commented on US legal and political issues as he is also a US lawyer.
Contact: 778-471-8449 |

Bradford Morse, dean of the Faculty of Law, has taught a variety of courses concerning Canadian and comparative Indigenous law issues, as well as labour law, trusts, property and civil liberties among others. He has served as legal advisor to many First Nations in Canada as well as national and regional Indigenous organizations in a broad range of constitutional, land claims, governance, economic and treaty issues.
Contact: 250-852-7267 |