Thompson Rivers University

Data Science Seminar Series

Join TRU’s Faculty of Science for the Data Science Seminar Series.

This Wednesday Jan. 20 at 5:30 p.m. the Dean of TRU’s Faculty of Science Greg Anderson as he presents New skills for future work: Predicting future work skills required for employment.


Events shape the need for the trained workforce, whether it be technological development, innovative business models and/or products, or the COVID-19 pandemic. The future job skills required to meet these changing labour demands are often debated. Frequently discussed in such debates are the “drivers of change” (or change agents) and the key “skills of the future” required to meet the demands of innovation, disruption and the changing workforce. In their document Future Work Skills 2020, the Institute for the Future defines future work skills as “proficiencies and abilities required across different jobs and work settings.” This talk reviews the drivers for change and the resulting work skills that may be demanded in the future and how Master of Science in Data Science programs helps address these skills required for future employment.

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