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Blowing Away Procrastination

  Posted on: March 2, 2017

Top Five Tips

Tip 1: Know yourself

Don’t fool yourself. That deadline is coming for you.

You will still have to do the work, no matter how much you put it off! The more time you give yourself to chip away at the assignment, the better the results will be.

What are your procrastination triggers? Identity the culprits that hold you back (Facebook? Netflix? Friends? Phones?) Learn how to set those distractions aside during your project time. Former disturbances things can become rewards for hard work.

What are your most industrious times of day? Keep track of productivity. Whether you are a morning person or an evening person, recognizing your energy levels can help you schedule appropriate work sessions.

Life of a procrastinator

Tip 2: Strategize

What environments best suits your attention span? Look for a place with minimal distraction such as the library or a coffee shop. You learn to associate studying with these locations.

Create a visual. Write out assignment due dates on a calendar or agenda. Your workload will feel more manageable and easier to prioritize.


Tip 3: Boundaries

Make a schedule and stick to it! Set boundaries of study time and play time (Netflix can wait). Make a to-do list; start with the hardest task and the rest will be a breeze. Know your limit and prepare within that time frame.

Tip 4: Reward

Each time you accomplish a task or goal, treat yourself! The bigger the accomplishment the better the reward. Consider self-care: take a bath, have a nap, visit a friend.

Breaks are essential but remember to set a timer and use them wisely.
Tip 5: Complete

Congratulations! You have avoided procrastinating. You completed your task and rewarded yourself accordingly, but you are not done yet. Prepare yourself for the next deadline and start the process all over again.


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