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More Information on the Access Copyright Model License

October 3, 2012

Large copyright sign made of jigsaw puzzle pieces

Based on a recommendation from the Copyright Advisory Committee, TRU signed the model Access Copyright License. Photo courtesy of Horia Varlan via flickr

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At the end of June this year, the University signed the model Access Copyright License recommended by AUCC. This was based on a recommendation from the TRU Copyright Advisory Committee, who had consulted with stakeholders at the University.

Opponents of the Model License have said that it is too expensive, that it infringes upon the privacy of faculty and students, that it inappropriately expands the definition of “copying”, and that it is unnecessary in light of the expansion of educational exceptions and “Fair Dealing” under the new amendments to the Copyright Act.

The Copyright Advisory Committee shared these same concerns. However, upon reviewing TRU’s present uses of copyright material, amendments to the Model License, and amendments to the Copyright Act, and discussing copyright and the Model License with TRU faculty on several occasions, the Committee concluded that it is better for TRU to sign the agreement, with the intention of either renegotiating the agreement at the end of its term or terminating the agreement with Access Copyright at that time.

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