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Dr. Kingsley Donkor, NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Grant recipient

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Research at TRU is making a difference. Many of our most important research discoveries stem from community-based research questions that result in real-life solutions with immediate and far-reaching impact. They influence policy, enrich culture, improve programs and build more vibrant cities. Our faculty are engaged in training the next generation of world-class researchers at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

TRU is one of the province’s leading research universities, and is a proud member of the Research Universities Council of British Columbia.

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Associate Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies: CandidatePresentation (III)

  Date: February 21, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
  Location: International Building (IB)

You are invited to attend public presentations by candidates for Associate Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies.

Arts Colloquium: Becoming medicine: Organ donation and the other side of politics

  Date: February 28, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
  Location: Campus Activity Centre

Join Dr. Lindsey McKay as she presents her research as part of the Arts Colloquium Series.

The environmental fate of arsenicals from the surface chemistry of hematite nanoparticles

  Date: February 28, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
  Location: Ken Lepin Building

The fate of arsenic compounds depends on their surface interactions with geosorbents that include minerals and natural organic matter.

Smoking Cultures Dialogue Project

  Date: March 4, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
  Location: Brown Family House of Learning

What are your thoughts around smoking, cannabis, and vaping? Share your thoughts during this small-group dialogue led by students.

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Dr. Rees’s SSHRC-funded research helps to inform science and math education, providing children with a love of discovery and the confidence to ask great questions and look to science for the answers.

Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Live like the Jetsons with the TRU Go App

  Posted on: January 22, 2018

TRU Tim Hortons

How long is the wait time at the campus Tim Hortons? That’s one of the features of the TRU Go app. 


By Sophia de Zeeuw
Co-op, fall 2017
Marketing and Communicatioins

In the year 2062, George Jetson and his family live a sleek, futuristic life with the help of a plethora of technological inventions. The cartoon The Jetsons depicts flying cars, robot servants and 3D-printed food all working together to make George and his family’s lives easier.

Here on campus in the year 2018, we don’t yet have bubble-topped hover drones, but we do have our own little invention to save us time and energy: the newly-improved TRU Go app.

Picture this: Before you drive your (non-flying) automobile to school, you pull out your phone and launch the TRU Go app to check the parking situation. It tells you five spaces are left in Lot N. Knowing that parking is running out, you decide to skip your morning drive-thru run and snag one of the last coveted spots in the lot.

TRU Go app 800x600

Download the TRU Go app at Google Play or the Apple Store.

With 15 minutes before your class starts, you don’t have any time to waste in long lineups. But you still need your coffee fix, so on your walk from Lot N you launch the TRU Go app again, this time to check the status of the Tim Hortons queue. The word “MODERATE” appears on your screen, and you’re able to swoop in and grab a double-double. While the teacher takes attendance, you swipe on the app to refresh your current grades and view the exam schedule.

Grouping together academic data, course tools, campus information, parking and transit resources, social media links and help contacts, the app is your one stop for everything TRU. Once you log in you will have access to all of your TRU services with the swipe of your finger. The best part? No more difficulties trying to remember your different myTRU and network passwords either. With single sign-on, the TRU Go app groups it all together for you.

Complete list of the app’s features

“These new updates to the app are going to simplify life on campus,” said Andrea Rhodes, TRU business analyst. She says TRU’s IT department is always looking for ways to innovate and bring the latest technology to campus.

“One of our goals is to use cloud technology and analytics to improve the student experience,” she said. “Our next step is exploring the possibility of using beacons to enable new location-based services that students can opt-into from the mobile app.”

Beacons are small wireless devices that transmit their location information to smart phones using Bluetooth. Beacons will bring about many new TRU Go mobile features, including easier campus navigation, guided campus and nature tours, coupons for campus events and food services, improved accessibility and campus safety, and could potentially replace attendance taking and clickers.

Aside from the TRU Go app, IT has also updated wi-fi coverage to increase speed. More wireless access points have been added to include internet in the campus commons (or “Teletubby Hills”, as they are colloquially known) as well as the outdoor basketball courts, bus stops, residences, Horticulture Gardens, trades work yard, and the Campus Activity Centre. The TRU Williams Lake campus has also received these wi-fi improvements.

If you’ve been making use of the new access points and have been spending your afternoons registering for courses, you may have also noticed IT’s overhaul of the myTRU portal.

“It’s a tighter, cleaner myTRU,” said Rhodes. “It no longer requires a separate password, which is huge. We are one of the first schools to update to single sign on.”

The myTRU portal now has a sleeker and more modern look, with a few added features like the ability to create plans so you can visually see the different colour-coded options for the upcoming semester’s timetable. Another feature is the ability to export your timetable into your personal digital calendar.

While some of the fictional inventions the Jetson’s relied on have become real—like flat screen televisions, smart watches and video calling—technology still has a long way to go before our lives become so streamlined and efficient that we can adopt a three-day, nine-hour work week like George. But we can now reap the benefits of the new and improved myTRU app, stronger and faster extended wi-fi and a more visually appealing and functional myTRU portal.


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