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Eat on campus and say hello to our staff

  Posted on: October 19, 2017

In the front (left to right) are Martina Doucet, Natasha Mugadza and Ololade Awosika. In the back (left to right) are Cynthia Cynthia and Jeeven Bains

TRU Food Services would like to recognize and say thank you to all our amazing staff for their hard work in serving the TRU community. We currently have 43 full-time students and 22 alumni working on campus.

Meet some of our staff, who share their bite-sized advice for eating on campus:

Pradeep Rao

Pradeep is in the second year of his Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Finance. After graduation Pradeep plans to gain experience by working toward a management role. Pradeep currently works at Tim Hortons and his favourite part is the culture on campus, the great customers and opportunities to meet new people. Pradeep also likes the flexibility around his class schedule.

His advice for those visiting Tim Hortons (Brown Family House of Learning – first floor):

1. Best drinks: French Vanilla or Hot Chocolate
2. Best dish: Crispy Chicken Chipotle Wrap
3. Best kept secret: The Tuscan Chicken Panini

Martina Doucet

Martina is in her fifth year of the Bachelor of Arts program. After graduation Martina plans to pursue a career as a forensic sociologist. Martina currently works at Starbucks and her favourite part is the flexibility of shifts, which are tailored around her school schedule, and her fellow student co-workers.

Her advice for those visiting Starbucks (Old Main – first floor):

1. Best time to visit is quarter to or on the hour
2. Make use of the “hacks” to bring down the price (for example, when you order coffee with flavoured syrup ask for a long shot instead of additional shots)

Natasha Mugadza

Natasha is in her third year of the Bachelor of Business Administration program. After graduation she plans to pursue a career in human resources. Natasha started working at Starbucks in her first year. Natasha says the best part is the convenience of being able to stay on campus and work between classes.

Her advice for those visiting Starbucks (Old Main – first floor):

1. Try something new by adding different flavours to your favourite beverages
2. Ask about pairing food with drink options—there are many amazing combinations to be had

Ololade Awosika

Ololade is in her second year of the Master of Business Administration program. After graduation her plan is to work in the fashion industry and own an art-based NGO (non-governmental organization). Ololade has been working at the U&M Deli for a year. Olodale chose a job on campus because it was easy for her to work around her class schedule. Her favourite part is the ability to grow and learn. In the short time she has been with us she has been promoted to team lead.

Her advice for those visiting the U&M Deli (Old Main – second floor):

1. Check out the rotating weekly menu which features a lot of selections
2. Must-try items include the Asian combo (veggie fried rice, chicken balls and veggies), the Greek combo (steamed rice, souvlaki chicken and Greek salad) and the new chicken shawarma wrap

Jeeven Bains

Jeeven is in his fifth year of the BBA program. Jeeven has not chosen a specific career path yet and plans to keep his options open for exciting opportunities after he graduates. Jeeven chose to do a co-op term so he could work with students and staff on campus. His favourite part is being a voice for students and helping to implement new ideas and communicate with the campus community.

His advice for eating on campus:

1. Check out The Den and the Urban Market (both in CAC – second floor). You can’t go wrong with either choice as they both offer delicious meal options

Cynthia Chisvo

Cynthia graduated from TRU in 2014 from the BBA program. Our Retail Manager, she has been working for TRU Food Services for seven years, starting as a student and staying after graduation. Cynthia chose a position on campus because, as an international student, it was more convenient. Her favourite part of working with TRU Food Services has been the opportunity to excel within the organization and work towards her current position.

Her advice for eating on campus:

1. Check out the chicken balls at the U&M Deli (OM – second floor). They are her favourite
2. The International Café (IB – first floor) serves the same specialty drinks as Starbucks and has smaller lines
3. The new hot dishes at Upper Level Café/Bento Sushi (OM – second floor) are delicious and a great price

We have so many amazing staff working for us. Stop by any of our nine locations on campus and get to know them better.

TRU Food Services welcomes your feedback and looks forward to working with all members of the TRU community to improve the overall dining experience. Send you comments to


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