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Warning issued to students

  Posted on: February 3, 2014

Thompson Rivers University issued warnings to students living on campus that the latest social media trend is not a game to be taken lightly.

Some TRU students have been reported to be engaging in the peer-pressure drinking activity ‘neknomination’. This activity involves taking video of an individual chugging or ‘necking’ alcohol and is often connected with that individual participating in some form of risky behaviour.  After the video is posted on social media, others are nominated to out-do the posted feat within 24 hours.

“We recognize that the majority of our students are of legal drinking age and make responsible choices about alcohol consumption and participation in activities while impaired,” said Chris Adam, TRU Dean of Students. “Our concern is that this activity poses a real threat for those participating because it involves the rapid consumption of significant amounts of alcohol in a short period of time.”

Additional risk is presented when those involved participate in extreme activities while intoxicated, or perhaps before the individual truly understands his or her level of intoxication. News reports have already linked ‘neknomination’ to two deaths in Ireland.

In a letter delivered today, students are asked to consider the consequences of participating in this activity, the impact of daring one another to participate, and the message they are sending to others through posting video and ‘nominations’.

Students have been informed that not only are there health risks, but participating in such activities on campus could lead to disciplinary actions from either the residence or the university itself.

“Above all, we are concerned for the safety of our students and trust that raising these concerns will provide them with the opportunity to consider the possible consequences of participation,” Adam continued. “ We hope students will assist us in discouraging others from participating.”

If students could benefit from support, services are available to those struggling with addiction and other issues.  These supports or referrals can be accessed through student services in OM 1631 or by calling 250-828-5023.

Media Contact:

Christine Adam, Dean of Students
Thompson Rivers University
(250) 371-5860