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New Wildlife and Ecology Courses

  Posted on: January 31, 2011

Montane VoleWildlife Management & Conservation I: Theory and Principles

This course provides students with an introduction to the history, theory, and principles of wildlife management and conservation. The focus is on the scientific underpinnings and concepts in the field. Topics include island biogeography and reserve design, population viability analysis, principles of wildlife genetics, introduced species, fragmentation, wildlife habitat analysis, and the demography and extinction
risk of small populations.

Wildlife Management & Conservation II: Practice and Application

In the field of wildlife management and conservation, scientific assessment and reasoning often identify issues or problems that must be addressed within a human, social context. Furthermore, wildlife populations often exist in environments that have become highly modified by human activities, leading to more complex solutions. Building upon the scientific principles covered in its prerequisite, this course introduces the student to the complexity of the issues facing wildlife managers, and how scientific principles need to be incorporated into broader management plans.


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