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TRU Employee E-Mountain Bike Incentive

May 25, 2018

The new TRU E-Mountain Bike Incentive (E-MBI) will incentivize purchasing a personal bike, providing a more affordable commuting option to employees. The E-MBI will encourage a healthy and active lifestyle while reducing SOV commuting and related emissions.

The program will utilize TRU’s purchasing power to provide a significant discount (up to 30%), allow employees to pay back a portion of the cost over a year, and offer an incentive of 10% through the Sustainability Grant Fund. Varied pay structure options will be available that include paying back the cost over a year through payroll deductions. Swap approximately one year of parking costs with an investment in an E- bicycle, or opt for a flexible parking pass.

Benefits – Why electric?

Electric bikes are revolutionizing commuting in urban areas. Lithium batteries in e-bikes are lightweight with long life cycles as compared to lead-acid batteries. The electric bike has good range averaging 40 km-70 km/charge with speed up to 32km/hr. Kamloops’ urban infrastructure and natural topography make regular cycling difficult and unrealistic from outlying communities such as Juniper, Westside, and Barnhartvale. E-mountain bikes allow riders to climb hills at ease, experience and connect through our vast trail network, jump curbs, and provide increased road traction for winter riding.

More details on models for purchase will be provided as the program advances.

Cycle Commuting Survey

If you’re interested, please respond to the survey below to help us develop the program further. We hope to gauge the level of interest in the program before proceeding with a bulk purchase. If there is interest in commuting on a regular bike, or specifically have a model in mind for purchase, let us know in the survey.

Link to survey ->


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