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Peer Mentor prize a positive way to pay it forward

  Posted on: April 24, 2017

Peer Mentor Program of the Month

The Peer Mentor Program of the Month Award started as a unique icebreaker. Brad Harasymchuk, Learning Strategist – Mentorship created the award to connect the network of peer mentor programs.

“This initiative was a fun way to express gratitude and recognize the outstanding work of the Peer Mentorship Coordinators. Furthermore, it created opportunities to acknowledge, pay forward and raise awareness,” Brad remarked.

Winners were announced at each monthly Peer Mentoring working group meeting.  The recipients shared details and stories about their program and then passed the award along to another outstanding peer group who showed exemplary service, effort and mentorship.  Meaghan Hagerty, Wellness Centre Coordinator and the SWAT Leaders recently nominated the PACE Leaders for their contributions to academic success.

“SWAT is in a unique position because their work is more visible and outreach based. By handing this to the PACE team we hoped to highlight the great mentoring work that goes on less publicly,” Meaghan said.

“PACE mentoring creates academic, social and personal supports both inside and outside formal sessions. Their work is rooted in care, and those leaders go above and beyond their formal mentoring sessions,” Meaghan continued.

Assistant Dean of Students, Sara Wolfe, who coordinates the PACE Program said, “It’s remarkable to see the PACE Leaders develop greater confidence, leadership skills and tutoring abilities. In addition, we’ve witnessed first-year student-athletes transition successfully into academic life while balancing all their scholastic and athletic obligations and responsibilities.”

Brad concluded, “Nominating other Peer Mentorship organizations means we can learn about each other, from each other and ultimately acknowledge the web of connectivity between each group. After all, we are here to help facilitate student success.”