Experts List Registration and Information Update

You teach at TRU because you have knowledge to share.

Journalists, authors and hosts come to us seeking experts who can talk factually and with authority on all kinds of topics. We want you to share your expertise with the community and the world.

The TRU experts list provides a place to find experts who can provide information, analysis and context to their stories. They get reliable details for their articles while you become better known for your knowledge.

The experts list is also a way for potential graduate students to find supervisors, and for community and industry partners to seek researchers.

We can help you with your experts list biography, with preparing for media interviews or with getting an updated photo. Use this form to register for the TRU Experts List or to update your information. All submissions are received by Marketing and Communications.

Please direct your questions and requests to Michele Young via | 250-828-5361.

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