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TRU first BC university with free hygiene products in all washrooms

  Posted on: May 11, 2021

KAMLOOPS – Thompson Rivers University (TRU) announced today that all washrooms on its Kamloops and Williams Lake campuses will have free menstrual products by September. TRU is the first post-secondary institution in the province to make this commitment.

By signing the United Way’s Promise campaign, TRU aims to reduce barriers facing some students. The university is committed to reducing period poverty, de-stigmatizing menstruation and moving toward a future where more people can count on access to products. The TRU Student Union’s Equity Committee was instrumental in making this change.

TRU values inclusion and diversity and upholds the idea that everyone is welcome and encouraged to learn from one another. This step is part of TRU’s commitment to diversity of thought and people, including equity for all in the community.

“I feel an overwhelming sense of relief and gratitude that people who menstruate can now participate in our campus community without having to hurdle the additional barrier that is menstrual inequity,” said TRU Student Union representative Mackenzie Francoeur. “This is something that can affect students, faculty, staff, visitors to our campus and I am so happy to see TRU move to freely provide these products in campus facilities.”

Francoeur believes that it is a huge win that the university is recognizing access to menstrual hygiene as a necessity to participating in life. She believes that joining the United Way’s Period Promise campaign shows TRU is a leader in equity, diversity and inclusion.

“It is important to us that no student or employee on campus is faced with period poverty. This is an easy step that TRU can take to ensure everyone in our on-campus community feels safe and welcome on our campuses,” said TRU Associate Vice-President Campus Infrastructure, Sustainability and Ancillary Services Warren Asuchak.

The estimated cost of providing free, accessible menstrual products is $1.25 per month per person who would use them. While costs will vary, the university believes this cost is minimal compared to its value in combating period poverty and make the campus more welcoming for all.

Todd Hauptman, Senior Communications Consultant
University Relations, Thompson Rivers University
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