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TRU and Ignition Tranquille sign learning and research agreement

  Posted on: December 7, 2021

KAMLOOPS–Thompson Rivers University (TRU) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ignition Tranquille Developments Ltd. This partnership agreement between developer and education highlights experiential learning, soil health and farm-related research.

Tranquille’s redevelopment is being approached in a way that respects the land. It focuses on regenerative farming practises that enrich soil health and its growing capabilities using natural, non-chemical methods. Regenerative farming aids in carbon sequestration—the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide—while reducing carbon emissions through sustainable riparian management. To protect fish and wildlife populations, the development includes investments to manage critical flow of the Tranquille River during periods of drought.

The Tranquille redevelopment site will be home to experiential learning and scholarship activities such as species mapping, and invasive species identification and control. Research will focus on several areas, including:

  • Invasive species identification and management;
  • Riparian area management;
  • Stream flow management and enhancement of fish habitat and survival;
  • Principles of regenerative agriculture;
  • Analysis of organic soil content and maximizing carbon sequestration;
  • Biodiversity of landscape design and carbon sequestration and;
  • Soil studies to best increase soil organic matter and biodiversity through natural means compatible with farming.

“This exciting partnership with Thompson Rivers University offers us a real opportunity to grow the healthiest possible food, and to develop a community-wide carbon management plan based on solid scientific evidence,” says Tim McLeod, Ignition Tranquille’s project manager.

The information generated through research initiatives, in concert with Indigenous knowledge, previous research and leading-edge regenerative agricultural practices, will be merged into the details of the Tranquille Master Redevelopment Plan.

“This MOU allows students access to a local living laboratory and facilitates experiential learning and applied scholarship addressing topics important to the stewardship of the lands,” says Greg Anderson, dean of TRU’s Faculty of Science.

“Students and faculty will benefit from having access to such a diverse learning and research environment, while supporting the strategic goals of the Faculty of Science in creating sustainable practices that promote the well-being of the generations to come, in providing opportunities for transformational teaching and learning, and in transforming communities through impactful research and scholarship.”


Greg Anderson, Dean, Faculty of Science
Thompson Rivers University
250-852-7137 |

Tim McLeod, Project Manager
Ignition Tranquille Developments Ltd |

About TRU’s Faculty of Science:

Science at TRU has established a solid reputation for offering a truly unique range of programs. Entrenched in the faculty is the belief that students should have the opportunity to participate in hands-on research focused on real-world problems and offer opportunities to participate in research in all years of studies—inside laboratories and in the field.

About The Ignition Group:

The developer of the Tranquille property is a privately held group of Western Canadian companies with over 45 years’ experience in real estate development. Projects include Nico Wynd Estates in South Surrey, Westminster Quay in New Westminster, the Vancouver Mandarin Hotel, the 4th Street Sky Train Station in New Westminster and First Canadian Place, among many others in BC.

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