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New book by Open Learning Faculty Member examines our climate history

  Posted on: August 20, 2021

More than 4.6 billion years of Earth’s climate evolution has been condensed into Steve Earle’s new book, A Brief History of the Earth’s Climate.

Earle, who teaches earth science with Thompson Rivers University’s Open Learning division, looks at myths and facts around the processes that affect climate change, such as volcanic eruptions, plate movement and continental collisions, ocean current changes and more.

Steve Earle's book on climate change

 A Brief History of the Earth’s Climate is an accessible, illustrated, myth-busting guide to the natural evolution of the Earth’s climate, including how and why human-caused global warming and climate change is different and more dangerous, and how to counter skeptics and deniers with sound science.

As well as recent human-induced climate change and an overview of the implications of the COVID pandemic for climate change, this richly illustrated book delves into such areas as:

  • Understanding natural geological processes that shaped the climate
  • How human impacts are now rapidly changing the climate
  • Tipping points and the unfolding climate crisis
  • What we can do to limit the damage to the planet and ecosystems
  • Countering climate myths peddled by climate change science deniers.

Earle has worked in the field in the earth sciences, and has developed and taught university earth science courses for almost four decades. He is author of the widely used university textbook, Physical Geology, now in its second edition. He participates in climate change research and community engagement with climate change solutions including low-carbon transport initiatives, heating systems, and land stewardship.


Steve Earle, TRU Open Learning Faculty Member, Earth Science
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