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Limitless reaches $49 million with weeks left

  Posted on: March 10, 2021

KAMLOOPS, BC—There’s still a few weeks left to donate as Thompson Rivers University’s (TRU) Limitless fundraising campaign nears its $50-million goal. To date, Limitless has raised $49 million, despite uncertainty clouding 2020, and the campaign is striving to achieve its goal by March 31. Many generous donors continued to give during the pandemic and thousands have contributed to Limitless over a nine-year period that comes to a close this month.

Fiona Chan, who is a TRU donor, co-chair of the campaign and has served in many capacities at TRU over 25 years, said Limitless is an ambitious effort for the university. Supporting student learning has always been rewarding, she said.

“The work I’ve done with TRU over the years is dear to my heart because I believe in the cause and the importance of education to this community,” Chan said. “It makes me proud and I hope all donors feel that sense of pride in TRU when they meet students and see the work they are doing. That’s why I continue to be involved, and why I have supported Limitless.”

TRU publicly launched the campaign on Oct. 10, 2019, having raised $41 million since 2012. During that launch, TRU announced its goal to reach $50 million alongside TRU’s 50th anniversary in 2020. The Limitless campaign consists of four pillars:

  • Supporting students establishes more scholarships and bursaries to open doors for more students and ease their financial worries so they focus on their education, discoveries and achievements.
  • Innovating for the future provides funding for more research-related initiatives; TRU’s researchers are exploring solutions to problems that affect people’s lives, from land reclamation to retaining early childhood educators to justice for people with mental health issues.
  • Building capacity establishes better spaces on campus and provides latest equipment, enhancing learning experiences for students and researchers.
  • Collaborating with community helps build more of the services and relationships that TRU has been increasingly developing in all of the communities it serves.

“To me, TRU has redefined what it means to be a university. A leader in distance education and community engagement, I have found TRU excels in applying research and reaching new audiences,” said Jack Wong, Limitless campaign co-chair.

“In my previous capacity as CEO of the Real Estate Foundation of BC, I was proud to support TRU research on ecosystem reclamation and sustainable agriculture. I believe TRU’s research chairs’ work will support healthy communities and help us to protect our shared land and water. It has been my privilege to support the university’s faculty, staff and students to serve their communities by advancing sustainable land use and real estate practices,” said Wong.

“It’s been a remarkable journey to watch TRU evolve from the days when I was a student and an instructor many years ago,” said Bruce Gysel, Limitless campaign co-chair. “To be able to support current-day students is an experience I value because the growth of the university is reflected in the exceptional students and alumni I’ve met who are going out into the world and doing great things.”

Anyone wishing to contribute to Limitless by March 31 can contact the TRU Foundation or visit


Jessica Klymchuk, Senior Communications Consultant
University Relations, Thompson Rivers University | 250-558-9727

Fiona Chan is a TRU donor and co-chair of TRU’s Limitless campaign. Chan has served on TRU’s board of governors, on the TRU Foundation board, and on the University College of the Cariboo Foundation board. Chan serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council in the School of Business and Economics and generously supports various awards and bursaries for students.

Bruce Gysel is a TRU donor and co-chair of TRU’s Limitless campaign. Gysel is an alumnus of TRU’s School of Business and Economics, where he serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council. Gysel was an instructor at the University College of the Cariboo before it became Thompson Rivers University. Gysel and his family generously support bursaries and scholarships for business students at TRU.

Jack Wong is co-chair of TRU’s Limitless campaign. Wong worked closely with the TRU Foundation as the CEO of the Real Estate Foundation of BC before his retirement to fund initiatives that advance environmental sustainability. In is role as CEO, Wong worked to fund reclamation research at TRU, with an interest in supporting sustainable land use.


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