Thompson Rivers University

Poetry reading with Conrad Scott: Waterline Immersion

Conrad Scott, former TRU research student, is on campus for a poetry reading and discussion.

His collection of poetry, Waterline Immersion, published in September by Frontenac House, asks the fundamental question of what it means to understand a place. The writer’s genealogical lines join in the river valleys of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada—the cartographic point where the North and South Thompson rivers meet and meld on their journey away, to the Pacific Ocean.

Waterline Immersion is not only a foray into this surface geography and personal history, but delves deeper into cultural stories and geological processes that formed the waterways present today.

Scott is a graduate of the 2010 Spring Writing Studio at the Banff Centre for the Arts, and his poetry has appeared in such publications as Freefall Magazine and The Enpipe Line.

He successfully defended his PhD in English at the University of Alberta, where he contemplates the dystopian and environmentally apocalyptic zeitgeist of today, and remnants of our places and spaces in those futuristic settings.

His creative work takes a step to the side and urges us to look askance at our society and our sense of place in the world.