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TRU employee lunch and learn: Through the Looking Glass: Thriving in the New Normal

Lunch & Learn: Through the Looking Glass – Thriving in the New Normal
Brought to you by HR Health & Wellness and your CUPE LOA-R Committee | Facilitated by Tracy Anderson, Morneau Shepell

The change in our work arrangements happened rapidly, seemingly overnight. Immediately, we all had to deal with the stress of sudden changes to our routines. Some had to learn how to balance working remotely with family life, and others had to deal with becoming an “employee-in-waiting” as furloughs or layoffs were implemented.  The most important implication of the changes currently under way, is that there is no going back to normalcy or what ‘used to be’.   What we can do is respond to the changes before us and cultivate an outlook which will feed our ability to adapt and thrive to our ‘new normal’. As the self-isolation lifts, we can prepare ourselves and cultivate an outlook that will help us in adapting and thriving at work while supporting our families.

By the end of this Lunch & Learn, you will be able to explore and prepare for:

  • The societal and work changes that will result from living through the pandemic
  • Best practices for adapting successfully in the wake of this crisis
  • Taking care of yourselves, your family and your colleagues as the world turns

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*Please note: This is a 1.5 hour webinar and is available TRU employees only.