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Two-phase collaborative group exams

Learn more about an innovative way to administer student exams during Two-Phase Collaborative Group Exams: Increasing student enjoyment and providing them with immediate feedback by Dr. Joss Ives, senior instructor in the department of Physics & Astronomy at Vantage College, UBC, Vancouver.


In this talk, I discuss our research on two-phase collaborative group exams, as well as discussing implementation details for this instructional strategy.

Two-phase collaborative group exams promote individual accountability and collaborative learning in an exam environment.

The most common implementation of this exam format has students first take the exam individually, and once all have handed in their individual exams, they organize into small collaborative groups and take the same or similar exam again with only a single copy of the exam being given to each group.

Our group’s research into this strategy looked at the impact on learning, how group composition impacts group performance and various factors influencing students’ self-reported outcomes.

⇒ Implementation details to be discussed include group formation considerations and common variations in implementation.