Thompson Rivers University

Research Provocations Series—Classroom Action Research Tool for Scholarly Teaching

Jason Brown presents Classroom Action Research Tool for Scholarly Teaching as part of the Research Provocations Series.


What can be learned from analysis of classroom interaction and how might this improve pedagogy?

In a classroom action research study, Discourse Analysis was used to discover that slight changes to the type of activity, learning materials and/or questioning techniques could have dramatic impact on the quantity and nature of student interaction in the classroom.

These findings may be particularly important for practicum students just launching their teaching career and for language teachers hoping to align their pedagogy with findings from the field of second language acquisition research.

This type of tool could also be used to shed light on teaching practices in other disciplines as teachers experiment with activities, materials and questioning techniques in an attempt to find the ideal ratio of teacher-student talk time and interaction.

About Jason Brown

Jason Brown is a lecturer at TRU in the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

He is a doctoral student at Anaheim University and has taught English overseas in Japan, India and China for more than eight years and has been teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) for 23 years.