Thompson Rivers University

Men’s Heath—Exploring the Empathy Gap

In many ways men are privileged in comparison to their female counterparts, however this privilege does not equate to better health outcomes. On average, men die 4.5 years earlier, account for 1/3 of depression diagnosis and 75% of suicides, account for the bulk of victims of violence, account for approximately 80% of all alcohol and opioid deaths, 90% of workplace deaths and account for 71% of missing or murdered indigenous persons. Yet there is scant attention to men’s health as an issue.

For these reasons, there is urgency to build capacity in addressing men’s health. As the health of men—sons, brothers, fathers, partners, uncles, grandfathers—is directly related to the health of women, children, families and communities.

This presentation will look at the services men are currently offered and pose a case that we need to overcome the empathy gap in the issue of men’s health. To do this, men to step up and share their own experiences and champion a path forward where men can be more than breadwinners and warriors. Men should be seen to with the same human condition as women; with all the emotions and experiences humans face.

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