Thompson Rivers University

A Plan For Exercise with Terra Lundy of WolfPack Recreation

Research tells us that it is not enough to want to exercise; we must plan. Join Terra Lundy of the TRU recreation department to learn how to remove the barriers that get in the way of exercising regularly. You will learn tips for modifying exercises to your fitness level to make exercising enjoyable. Terra will also describe the recreation classes offered at TRU to see which ones might be right for you. She will lead a mini desk movement activity and even add some fun ideas to motivate you through the holidays and into the new year. It is brought to you by People and Culture and Health and Well-Being and WolfPack Recreation.

About the Instructor:

Terra Lundy has been part of TRU Athletics and Recreation for 13 years, instructing dynamic fitness classes for participants of varying fitness levels.  Terra cares deeply about her clients, and there is nothing of more value to her than helping somebody go through a fitness experience that makes them feel happy, confident, and strong! On her days off, Terra enjoys the comfort of her home and enjoys hanging out with her furry canine family, including seven dogs of small and large stature. While relaxing, Terra loves to indulge in wine and chocolate, which doubles her motivation to move.  Three words to describe Terra are ambitious, passionate, and driven. Her motto is, “work hard, play hard!”