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CFI: John R. Evans Leaders Fund call for proposals

  Posted on: December 15, 2016

Annual Call for Proposals for June and October Competitions 

Letters of Intent (LOI) are invited for the June and October JELF competitions (please see the deadlines table). The JELF program helps universities acquire infrastructure funding. Applicants must be engaged in:

  • cutting edge research program requiring proposed infrastructure, and
  • providing an enriched research training environment
Template for LOI

JELF supports the infrastructure needs of individual faculty or small groups of up to three faculty members when there is a demonstrated need to share infrastructure. Proposals should address the priority areas identified in the TRU Strategic Research Plan.

The CFI JELF is a matching program:

  • 40% of the total project budget is requested from the CFI 
  • 40% is requested from the BC Knowledge Development Fund (Application is submitted to BCKDF one month following the CFI deadline)
  • 20% is the responsibility of the Project Leader and the Faculty submitting the proposal

The JELF is an institutional application and is very detailed, complicated and time consuming process that requires the involvement of all the stakeholder early on. In order to facilitate this complex application, we have designed a 4-step process:

Step 1: LOI: If you are planning to submit application, please submit LOI describing briefly the proposed research, infrastructure needed and updated CVs (use LOI template for preparing your submission) to LOI should demonstrate Decanal support.

LOI is an opportunity to start conversation with the Research Office staff who will then guide you through the application process including building a support team that involves the required stakeholders, ways to secure matching funds, and peer-review process, etc. 

Step 2: Applicants are encouraged to work with all the stakeholders including their Deans, Purchasing, Space Committee, Facilities and/or Advancement and must submit complete application to the Research Office by the internal deadline using the CFI Portal (CAMS). These deadlines are very important to manage the peer-review process.

Step 3: Complete applications will be forwarded to the CFI by the Research Office.

Step 4: Complete Step 1 application (Basic and BC priorities) will be submitted to the BCKDF.

Deadlines snapshot: JELF Competition  Step 1 

(LOI due to the Research Office)

Step 2 

(Complete application due to the Research Office)

Step 3 

(Complete application due to the CFI)

Step 4 

(Complete application due to BCKDF)

June Jan 15 May 1 June 15 July 15
October May 15 September 1 October 15 November 15