Thompson Rivers University

Startup Basics: Pitching Power

When you are an entrepreneur, pitching your business every day is the norm, whether it’s to potential employees, current employees, customers, or investors your pitch is a pivotal part of any business.

In this workshop, you will learn the importance of your pitch—both inside and outside of the context of investors—in a concise and professional manner.

The workshop will cover

  • Different types of pitches
  • What to include in a pitch
  • Creating a great first impression
  • Examples of good pitches

About the Startup Basics series

We know that entrepreneurship can often seem daunting or be intimidating to those first starting out.

The Kamloops Innovation Startup Basics Series helps minimize this fear by providing entrepreneurs and startup-curious with the tools they need to get started.

Through the Startup Basics Series, Kamloops Innovation provides mentorship, resources, and tools to help entrepreneurs structure and curate their ideas while in the first stages of their startup.

Entrepreneurs who participate in the Startup Basics Series often go on to graduate into our more extensive programs like the Market Validation Training and Venture Acceleration Program, and onto starting their own companies creating significant benefits for the community.

The Startup Basics Series is a relaxed classroom style program split into distinct topics that bring entrepreneurs and startup-curious through the basics of forming a business plan and documenting their ideas. Sessions are presented by Kamloops Innovation staff, EIR, mentors, partners, and alumni.

Each session is designed to educate on the fundamentals needed to transform an idea into a startup; passion into a paycheck.

Today is a great day to start a business