Thompson Rivers University

Hydra Performing Arts Festival

The Hydra Performing Arts Festival is an all-new festival for theatre, dance, and music in Kamloops and presented by Chimera Theatre in partnership with TRU’s Actors Workshop Theatre.

Experience 12 new works by Kamloops artists, with the focus on interdisciplinary art and challenging theatrical form. You can expect everything from magic shows and shadow puppetry to live music and burlesque.

With comedies, dramas, and shows ranging from all ages to adults-only, there’s something for everyone.

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About the festival

Organizers are striving to challenge what theatre is for both artists and audiences. The mythical hydra and its multiple heads represent the different ways theatre can grow and branch off from one another. Like the chimera and it’s multi-heads, the hydra represents different forms coming together and working as a cohesive unit.