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Hints at resilience: What I saw while fighting fires

Dr. Ken Day of the University of British Columbia presents this lecture called What I saw while fighting fires.

This is part of the Environmental Science Seminar Series presented by the Faculty of Science.


This presentation will review the impacts of our silvicultural treatments on apparent fire behaviour, in an attempt to demonstrate that we can manage forests for resilience.

The Alex Fraser Research Forest is 10,000 ha of crown land managed under tenure by the UBC Faculty of Forestry and this year marks its 30th anniversary.

The Gavin Lake Block of the Research Forest is 6,500 hectares in the SBSdw1 and the ICHmk3. Management goals have led us to use many different silvicultural systems through the years, including group selection in various spatial arrangements, commercial thinning, and pre-commercial thinning. July 7, 2017 we entered a new chapter in our history when a lightning storm started seven fires. An aggregate area of more than 1,000 ha has burned through many treated stands.