Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


This event is for programmers of all ages and levels.

TRU Generator is the TRU host and Hacktoberfest is brought to you by DigitalOcean and GitHub as part of a month-long celebration of open source software.

Maintainers are invited to guide would-be contributors towards issues that will help move the project forward, and contributors get the opportunity to give back to projects they like and ones they’ve just discovered. No contribution is too small and bug fixes and documentation updates are valid ways of participating.

What is Hacktoberfest in Kamloops?

Hacktoberfest in Kamloops is an event bringing this online celebration offline. This will be a hands-on workshop that will have everyone contributing to open source software.


6–6:30 p.m. — Food and mingling

6:30–7:15 p.m.

  • Introduction to Hacktoberfest (5 minutes)
  • What is it and why does it happen
  • History of Hacktoberfest
  • Introduction to OSS Contributing (25 minutes)
  • Why contribute to Open Source Software
  • What it means to contribute
  • Orienting yourself to a new project
  • Finding a project to contribute to
  • How to submit a contribution
  • What happens after you submit a contribution?
  • Maintainer intros/pitches (15 minutes)
  • Who they are
  • Discuss their project, why/how they got involved with OSS
  • Contributors in the room can come to them if their project sounds interesting and they want to help with it.


    7:15-9:15 p.m. — “Hacking” for Hacktoberfest
    Project maintainers are available to help introduce contributors to their codebase and assist with making your first pull request.

    9:15-9:30 p.m. — Wrap up and prizes