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More than 700 attend orientation for new international students

  Posted on: September 1, 2017

The last week of August was anything but quiet ones for TRU’s international division known as TRU World.

From Monday to Friday, more than 700 new international students attended activities as part of their week of orientation, where they got acquainted with campus, our services and some of the highlights of living in Kamloops.

They met with academic advisors to ensure their courses were in order, met representatives from their areas of study, went on campus tours and attended to personal matters like setting up bank accounts and cell phones. They toured downtown Kamloops, attended the mid-week Farmers Market, watched a movie outside, experienced the choreography of the RCMP musical ride and took in the sounds of Music in the Park.

An afternoon celebration in the Grand Hall wrapped things up and included a free buffet lunch, swag giveaways, an African drumming trio, DJ, and high-tempo dancing.

The following photos are from the celebration.


international orientation

Filming the dancing.


What to eat. Hmmm, it all looks good. Maybe two of each?


With food tables at opposite sides of the hall, the lineups were smooth and fast.


Chillin’ before things got started.


Rushing to the front for TRU swag. Attendees were shown pictures on a projetor screen of something iconic to Canada—ice hockey, a bear, a beaver, a maple leaf and more—and the first few to the stage with the correct answer received free merchandise.


Friendly jostling in the hopes of free TRU merchandise.


Happy African sounds.


Full-on dance party at 1:30 in the afternoon.


Posing for a moment amongst the dancers.



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