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3rd annual TRU Casual Shirt Days with free ice cream!

  Posted on: June 1, 2017

TRU Students staying cool with free ice cream at last year's Casual Shirt Days.

TRU Students staying cool with free ice cream at last year's Casual Shirt Days.

This year’s 3rd Annual TRU Casual Shirt Days is happening June 20, 21 and 22, 2017 and an opportunity to dress in casual and cool clothing (both types of cool) while we adjust the air conditioning (A/C) by two degrees in most campus buildings. The event is a way to demonstrate that through taking small actions, like dressing for warmer weather, collectively we can make a big difference towards saving energy and reducing the impacts of climate change. Plus everyone can stay cool with free ice cream!

Although the air conditioning will be adjusted for all three days of the event, the activities will only be on June 20 from 10am to 1pm in front of Old Main on the Campus Green lawn. Here are the details of everything happening that day:

  • Get your photo taken to enter the Casual Shirt Day Contest
    • Contest Rules: you need a picture taken of you in your favourite casual shirt (or dress), and then write in a few sentences the story of why it’s your favourite. The top three stories will win TRU Bookstore gift cards! (Photos and stories can also be sent in via email or on social media to the addresses below*)
  • Enjoy the ultimate ‘casual’ summer snack: a free ice cream cone!
  • Win a prize by participating in simple sustainability quizzes!

While we are mindful that temperatures can’t be too warm in a working/learning environment, we hear from people that temperatures are a bit too low, and that they would prefer less of a difference between outside and inside air temperatures. Casual Shirt Days is an opportunity to adjust the temperature by a degree or two, and for us to get valuable feedback from you on your ideal work and/or study conditions.

*Contact James Gordon at the TRU Sustainability Office with any questions or comments about this event ( or 250-852-7153). Submit your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or share online using #TRUCasualShirtDay.