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TRU 2nd Annual Casual Shirt Days… With Free Ice Cream!

  Posted on: June 16, 2016

Last year’s inaugural TRU Casual Shirt Day was a success. Electricity savings from turning down the air conditioning two degrees Celcius in all major campus buildings resulted in saving 4250 kilowatt hours (kWhr) and roughly $320 over a 24 hour period; representing a 14% drop!The event also attracted many TRU students and staff to show-off their favourite casual shirt or dress at our photo booth and participate in the event contests. Finally, most TRU community members thought turning down the air conditioning and dressing accordingly for the warmer summer weather made sense!

For all of these reasons, the TRU Sustainability Office is expanding the event to cover three days  June 27, 28 and 29, 2016 — and try to realize even more energy savings! Although the air conditioning will be turned down for all three days, the main event will only be on June 29 from 10am to 1pm in front of Old Main on the Campus Green lawn. Here are the details for June 29:

  • Get your photo taken to enter the Casual Shirt Day Contest
    • Contest Rules: you need a picture taken of you in your favourite casual shirt (or dress), and then write in one or two sentences the story of why it’s your favourite. The top three stories will win some ‘sweet casual summer shwag’.
    • Photos and stories can be sent in via email or on social media to the addresses below*
  • Enjoy the ultimate ‘casual’ summer snack: a free Island Farms vanilla ice cream cone!
  • Win a prize by participating in The TRU Energy Trivia Game

While we are mindful that temperatures can’t be too warm in a working/learning environment, we hear from many that the temperature is a bit too low, and they would prefer less of a difference between outside and inside air temperatures. Casual Shirt Days is an opportunity to adjust the temperature by a degree or two, and for us to get valuable feedback from you on your ideal work and/or study conditions.

*Facebook (@TRUsustainability), Twitter (@TRUSustain), Instagram (@TRUSustain) or share online using #TRUCasualShirtDay.

Contact James Gordon at the TRU Sustainability Office with any questions or comments about this event ( or 250-852-7153). 


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